About me.

My name is Orlando Báez. I'm a Front-end Developer based in Viña del mar, Chile.


I work primarily with html, css and accessibility. I value semantic markup, inclusiveness and a web that can be accessed by everyone. Keeping up with the latest can sometimes be daunting and time consuming, but I do my best to be up to date with what the cool kids are doing, including css grid and all that shiny new css stuff that keeps coming out.


I’ve been working remotely for Upwork since 2016 helping build and maintain the component library.

I’ve created a couple of comercial themes in the past in some popular marketplaces, like this Jekyll theme. Though I haven’t had time to work on much else since then. Feel free to check out my Github account, but beware it’s all pretty old by now and can’t say it reflects what I do.

Hire me

I’m currently not available to work on any projects.

You can still contact me at orlando@obaez.com.